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Pilgrimage Routes in Denmark

Denmark is a Nordic country that can be explored by walking a pilgrimage. It has two main pilgrimage routes: one in the mainland and a newer one that runs through the islands of Møn, Nyord, and Bogø situated south from Zealand Island (the capital area).


Hærvejen or the “ancient road” flows through mainland Denmark (also known as Jutland). This route is a part of the European pilgrimage route network and links German Ochsenweg with Norwegian Sankt Olavsvejen. The pilgrims from Norway used to walk this route to reach their destinations in Rome and Santiago de Compostela.

The route that is developed similar to the Camino in Spain starts in Viborg and reaches Padborg after ~281 km. Over the entire trajectory of this route, there are 14 pilgrim hostels, which are situated every ~25 km on the way. The hostels are open from 1st June to 1st September and pilgrims are hosted first come first served. The cost is ~100 DKK per night/ p.p. paid in cash only. More information on the facilities can be found in Herberger langs Hærvejen association website.

There are two more starting points for pilgrims wishing to walk a longer route:

  • Hirtshals – Aars – Viborg – Padborg (~493 km)
  • Frederikshavn – Aalborg – Viborg – Padborg (~476 km)

For further reading visit Hærvejen official website with full information on the roads, maps, accommodation, etc.


Camønoen is rather new pilgrimage route in the Danish islands of Møn, Nyord, and Bogø. The route was prepared and opened in 2016 and is offering a walk of ~175 km in one of the most unique places in Denmark. I visited the Møn island in 2016 and was overwhelmed by its beauty and mystical atmosphere. Therefore, I believe that walking a Camino through the beaches, ancient forests and visiting Mønt Klint on the way would be an extraordinary and perhaps relaxing experience.

The circle route is open all year long, however, the most pleasant time to visit Denmark is in summer. Additionally, pilgrim looking to save money can either carry a tent and camp or use the public refuges. Otherwise, Møn is a popular holiday destination, therefore there are many accommodation options along all the island.

For further information visit the official Camønoen website and their Facebook page. Unfortunately, both sources are in Danish only and the website is not fully working (namely their digital map). Some information in English and few reviews can be found on Tripadvisor.







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